5 Things That Insurance Companies Look for When Rating Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Insurance companies consider many factors when rating your homeowner insurance premium. We all want the peace of mind that our home and its contents are covered for the worst-case scenarios, yet that sometimes means paying higher insurance premiums to ensure that everything is adequately covered. But how exactly does an insurance company rate your homeowner insurance premium? Many factors are considered, so your insurance costs can vary significantly depending on the overall condition of your … [Read more...]

[NEW HOMEOWNERS] Are you Budgeting for These Homeowner Expenses?

Remember that feeling when they handed you the front door keys?  Being a homeowner is a something you should have great pride in, but let’s face it – it’s no simple or easy task. People get the impression that the reason why being homeowner is so expensive is due to the large chunk of money handed over in the beginning (down payment) or because the mortgage usually is a bit higher than a regular month of rent. But those two things aren’t the HALF of it. Maintaining your home, and … [Read more...]

Useful Tips for Staying Safe This Halloween

Are you prepared for October 31st? Halloween can be a fun and lively occasion, but it can also bring elements of danger to trick-or-treaters, drivers, and homeowners. Accidents, injuries, and vandalism can bring unexpected horror on an otherwise fun-filled night. Here are some tips and strategies to help you stay safe and ensure that your neighborhood remains safe and fun during the holiday:   For Trick-or-Treaters: 1. Consider the Costume: If you or your child’s costume limits … [Read more...]

Burglary Prevention: What You Can Do To Deter Intruders?

"Did I forget to lock the door?" Like most individuals who are rushing to work, or the airport, home protection can easily slip from our minds. With property crime on the rise, Carver Insurance Services, Inc. wants to provide you with these preventative measures to keep your home safe while you are away. Everyday Prevention-You Can Never Be Too Safe To help keep your everyday routine less detectable by would-be criminals, park in the garage. Leaving your vehicle in your driveway is an … [Read more...]

New Year, New Resolutions, New You!

Enjoy four simple solutions to making life at home that much sweeter in 2018.   It’s that time of the year again, where our motivation kicks in and we strive to go the extra mile to take inventory of our lives. While thinking about the improvements we are going to make this year in regards to our resolutions, we must not forget about one very crucial component to living a clean and efficient lifestyle: Our homes! Try out these tips to save money, open up room to entertain guests, and … [Read more...]

Don’t Let These Risks Haunt You – Halloween Safety Tips

It’s that time of the year again. In a few short days, princesses, ninjas, ghosts and witches will parade up and down your neighborhood’s streets, knocking on each door while on the search for candy. It’s a spooky time of year – not only for the trick-or-treaters, but for homeowners as well. Keep reading for your guide to Halloween safety tips for your home.   Think twice about where you set up decorations If you have animatronic decorations that need to be plugged in, make sure … [Read more...]

Your Personal Guide for Tailgating this Football Season

Fall is upon us which means three things: the crisp cool air of autumn has returned, football season is back, and tailgating parties are here! Starting the party before the big game is a longtime tradition. Keep up the good wills of this big sports day event with these safety tips. Sanitation is a Must Nothing will ruin your experience at the stadium like food poisoning. Because tailgating usually deals with grilling burgers, chicken, and other meats, you must be especially careful to … [Read more...]

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