4 Memorable Valentine’s Day Date Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank

Valentine’s Day is approaching FAST! Did you remember to get your significant other a box of chocolates, or a fancy piece of jewelry? Well, we have something better than any of those items that is even higher in value.  Make this Valentine’s Day special by spending time with your significant other.  Here are a few memorable date ideas that you can use to make this V-Day the best one yet. Hot Air Balloon Ride Nothing says “love is in the air” like ACTUALLY being up in the air! … [Read more...]

Burglary Prevention: What You Can Do To Deter Intruders?

"Did I forget to lock the door?" Like most individuals who are rushing to work, or the airport, home protection can easily slip from our minds. With property crime on the rise, Carver Insurance Services, Inc. wants to provide you with these preventative measures to keep your home safe while you are away. Everyday Prevention-You Can Never Be Too Safe To help keep your everyday routine less detectable by would-be criminals, park in the garage. Leaving your vehicle in your driveway is an … [Read more...]

Must-Have Insurance Tips for Back-to-School Time

The Target shopping aisles are filled, multicolored notebooks are stacked up in shopping carts, and cars are packed to the brim with dorm room essentials. It’s that time of year: Back to school. Your student may have everything checked off on their list of things “to-do” before heading off to campus. But is your list complete as well? Protect your child while they are away from home with the proper insurance coverage.  Here is a general guide of policies to review before your child embarks on … [Read more...]

What Everyone Should Know About Flood Insurance

Many people make incorrect assumptions about flood insurance and it could end up costing them when these assumptions prove to be false.  When it comes to insurance policies–or really anything–there is no such thing as an "alternative fact." Your policy either covers it, or it doesn't. It's that simple. Unfortunately, few insurance policies cause as much confusion as flood insurance does. Where is the limit to homeowners insurance and where would flood insurance kick in? To avoid any further … [Read more...]

New Year’s Insurance Resolutions

Most people make New Year's Resolutions and try their best to keep them, but what can you do with your insurance?  "I'm going to the gym and going to start to eat healthily!" Most people cheerfully sing as their New Year's resolutions before the clock strikes twelve. These are the most popular resolutions to make and it may come to no surprise when we tell you that these are the resolutions that are most commonly broken once people realize that exercise and dieting require tremendous tenacity … [Read more...]

Carver Insurance Services, Inc.’s Yelp Reviews!

We at Carver Insurance Services, Inc. take your feedback very seriously in order to best mold our services to your needs.  Your feedback is vital to us because it allows us to reflect on our flaws and shape our business to better meet your needs. Don't believe us? Take a look at how happy our past clients were when they sought quality insurance to meet their needs. When you're on the lookout for insurance, it's wise to consider Carver Insurance Services, Inc.! James M. (Murrieta, CA): "Diana is … [Read more...]

The Ride-Sharing & Insurance Q&A

Ride-sharing is the preferred method of a taxi service for many people because of the convenience and its relatively low prices.  Ride-sharing companies are taking a strong foothold in the taxi services industry by offering availability and relatively low prices when compared to traditional taxis. When it comes to insurance, however, things can get a little tricky. If you find yourself wondering about how auto insurance and ride-sharing work, here are a few questions and answers that should get … [Read more...]

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