Going Green: Gardening tips to improve your yield this Spring

Green energy conceptEven though it’s pleasurable and rewarding, gardening can still be a lot of work.  Why not ensure the most fruit for your labors with these simple tips to improve your harvest?

It all starts with good planning.  Ensure that your crops come in waves and that those waves stretch the entire harvesting season.  Shoulder crops (like late-ripening apples or raspberries and strawberries which bear early and late) can help extend your picking season.

Vertical gardening adds a huge amount of viable growing space; give it a try to maximize your field!

Ensure that you weed early and often.  You will want to weed at least three times: once 5-7 days after putting your plants in the ground, once 7-10 days after that, and a third time 3-4 weeks after planting.  At that point, the plant should be large enough that you can mulch and there will be plenty of leaves to create shady spots and deter weeds from growing in the first place.

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