6 Good Questions to Ask When You’re Looking for a New Auto Insurance Agent

Getting auto insurance can be a confusing process, particularly for first-timers. When it comes to auto insurance, choosing the right agent is half the battle in making sure that you find the best coverage to suit your needs. That’s why when looking for a new auto insurance agent, it is recommended that you ask certain questions before making a decision. Following are 6 good questions to ask when you’re looking for a new auto insurance agent: 1. What Companies Do You Represent? The … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Keep Your Auto Insurance Premiums Down

If you are worried about increased auto insurance premiums, you are not alone. According to estimates, auto insurance premiums have increased by about 20% in the past few years. There are a number of reasons behind these rising auto insurance costs. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep these costs down. Following are 6 ways to keep your auto insurance premiums down: 1. Don’t Over Insure Because many auto insurance agents offer high limits of liability insurance by default when … [Read more...]

What is the difference between “Actual Cash Value” and “Replacement Cost?”

What is the difference between “Actual Cash Value” and “Replacement Cost?” Introduction It is important to know how “Actual Cash Value” versus “Replacement Cost” can affect the coverage of your personal items. Consider if you had a 70 inch Smart TV, and someone stole it. Would your insurance company give you a settlement to replace your TV with a new one or would the insurance company give you what your TV is worth at the time? In 2018 a national study conducted by Mercury Insurance … [Read more...]

What Car Insurance Do You Have To Have?

Do you know how much car insurance you need to drive in California? In the state of California, you’re legally required to carry car insurance. You might be wondering, though, what type? How much? We want to help you comply with the law, so here’s a brief guide on California’s minimum car insurance requirements. California requires that you can take financial responsibility for any damages that you cause while behind the wheel. Generally, a liability insurance policy is the best and easiest … [Read more...]

Coverage Tips For Inexperienced Drivers

Insurance Discounts For Teen Drivers The time has come to put your teen behind the wheel. You know this should be an exciting experience, but are finding it difficult to contain your worries surrounding insurance. Insuring an inexperienced driver is notoriously expensive, but there are a variety of money saving opportunities available to you, including: It is time to hit the books! You and your child are rewarded with the good student discount when they maintain a GPA of 3.0 or … [Read more...]

Things To Know About You Car Insurance

When it comes time to get insurance for your car, the amount of information available can be overwhelming. By reading through these tips, you will be better informed before buying a new policy. Insurance has different coverage components. Bodily injury covers you if you end up hurting someone in an accident, property damage covers other property that you might damage, collision covers your car value, and comprehensive covers damage from things other than accidents. The cost of your premium is … [Read more...]

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