5 Reasons to Get Renters Insurance That You May Have Never Thought Of

Anyone renting an apartment, condo, or single family home is advised to get Renters Insurance as it provides coverage for all your personal belongings. In fact, some landlords require you to get Renters Insurance, while many others simply recommend it. You may feel this is an unnecessary expense or that you don’t have enough possessions to warrant paying the premium, yet it’s hard to deny how worthwhile it is to get Renters Insurance. Most renters know the main reasons they need Renters … [Read more...]

Going on Vacation? Make Sure Your Vacation Home is Covered

Many people today find that renting a vacation home for a week or two can be a comfortable alternative to staying in a hotel room. Vacation homes may offer more amenities, privacy and certainly more room. What many fail to do however is to make sure the vacation home is properly insured. You see a vacation property, if it is used primarily as a rental, should have Landlord Insurance. If the property owner is attempting to cover their property with a regular homeowner’s policy, they and you … [Read more...]

Are you a Renter and Need Insurance?

If you rent an apartment or a home you would be very wise to buy renters insurance coverage through your independent insurance agent. Your landlord will carry a homeowner’s policy on their apartment building or on the home in case the structure is destroyed by an act of God, fire, or vandalism. The landlord will naturally want to protect their investment interest. It is not your landlord's responsibility to carry renters insurance for you on the contents of the structure, such as, all … [Read more...]

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