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6 Ways to Protect and Prepare Your Property and Home When You Live in a Fire Zone

6 Ways to Protect and Prepare Your Property and Home When You Live in a Fire Zone

6 Ways to Protect and Prepare Your Property and Home When You Live in a Fire ZoneThe severity and frequency of wildfires is growing throughout the United States. Wildfire season typically spans from July to October, but has been expanding far outside its usual time range. While you cannot fight back a wildfire away from your home, you can take steps to protect your home from a fire. If you live in a fire zone, then following are 6 steps you can take to protect and prepare your property and home:

1. Clear Flammable Debris from Around Your Home
This is a simple yet very effective step that can help you prepare and protect your property in case of a wildfire. This step includes clearing obvious things from around your home such as debris, stacks of firewood, brush, dry grass – and some not so obvious things like wooden deck or a wood fence. Make sure that your defensible space is stretched out at least 30 feet from your house. To further improve the odds, set large concentric rings of fuel reduction further out.

2. Secure the Eaves, Gutters and Vent Openings
Embers fly into a home through eaves and vent openings and start a home ablaze from the inside. That’s why it is very important to keep them properly screened and maintained. You can also protect the vulnerable eaves of your house by keeping gutters clean.

3. Protect Your Roof
Roofs are also a vulnerable part of your house in a fire. So, even if you live in an urban area, it is recommended that you avoid wood shakes. Choose Class A rated roof, e.g. any tile roofing, or asphalt shingle type. Same goes for siding – a wood wall or shingle offers very poor fire resistance while stucco or fiber cement stands up well.

4. Upgrade Your Windows and Drapes
The next part of your house that requires attention are your windows. They are quite vulnerable in a fire because intense heat can go right through them and can catch furniture and drapes on fire. It is recommended that you choose a heat-resistant product for your window fabric. Windows can break too, so if possible choose smaller tempered units rather than large windows.

5. Plan for Emergency Responder Access
Clearly mark your street name and number to make sure that firefighters can easily find your home. Make sure your driveway is wide enough and have enough vertical clearance to allow fire equipment and vehicles to access your property. You can increase the ability of firefighters to defend your property from fire by creating a defensible space around it. Remember that firefighters are trained to only protect a property when it is safe to do so.

6. Create an Emergency Escape Plan
Learn about the optimal evacuation route by researching ahead of time. Make sure that your family members who live nearby are familiar with that route and have means of transportation. It is also recommended that you stay informed by signing up for emergency alerts or text messages from your city when available. Finally, don’t forget to create an emergency kit.

While you cannot do much to deter a wildfire’s path, you can minimize property damage and keep your family safe. By following the guidelines listed above, you can help increase your chances of prevailing through a wildfire.

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