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Avoid Getting Hit by a Car

When it comes to your motorcycle safety, not getting hit by a car should be among your top priorities. 

There's something about riding a motorcycle that is incredibly liberating: taking your bike out on the open road with nothing but you and the environment you are driving through. But this feeling of exhilaration does not come without a price. Safety is what is sacrificed when you decide to ride a motorcycle because there is nothing protecting you from a head-on collision and the pavement, should an accident occur. If you want to stay safe when you ride a motorcycle here are a few tips that will help you avoid getting hit by a car. Reduce risk of being hit by a driver changing lanes. 
  • Avoid driving in the driver's blind spot because not all drivers check their rear-view mirrors, let alone turn their head to look at their blind spot.
  • Stay alert to the patterns of traffic; one can usually predict when a driver will change lanes.
  • Before you pass a car, make sure that the car sees you in their side-view mirror.
Reduce risk of being hit while you split the lanes. 
  • Lane split only when your bike is in danger of overheating and only if lane-splitting is legal in your state.
  • Always be cautious when one lane is moving faster than another as aggressive, and bad, drivers may not check their side view mirror
Always wear the proper safety gear. 
  • Always wear a helmet, jacket, pants, knee and elbow pads, gloves, and the proper footwear.
These safety tips can help reduce your chances of getting hit by a car, but bringing that value down to zero is impossible.  Contact the insurance professionals at Carver Insurance Services, Inc. for all of your motorcycle and auto insurance needs in Murrieta, surrounding areas, and all of California.

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