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Baltimore Raven’s Ray Lewis Looking Forward To Spending Time With His Family During Retirement

The longest Baltimore Raven's player to be with the team for 17 years has chosen this to be his last year of playing football as he goes out with style. Linebacker Ray Lewis last game was a Super Bowl XLVII win over the San Francisco 49ers at a 34-31 victory. Such a win must feel so sweet at the end of his career.

Ray Lewis's Illustrious Career

Joining up with the Baltimore Ravens in 1996, Ray Lewis has won two Super Bowl championships, is a thirteen time Pro-Bowler, and won the Defensive Player Award two times. His numerous awards and accolades stretch out throughout his career, a career that was almost tarnished by the January 2000 murder trial.

Yet Ray Lewis was never a man who would let any setback stand in his way, as he restored his image with determination and great gameplay. Today, Ray Lewis is considered a top linebacker in Baltimore history next to Johnny Unitas.

Retirement Years

Winning a Super Bowl Championship at his final game must seem like icing on the proverbial cake for Ray Lewis. When hearing from Baltimore Raven's owner Steve Bisciotti that there are plans in the works to erect a statue in his likeness outside M&T Bank Stadium in the next few years, such an honor could not be more appropriate.

So what does Ray Lewis plan to do during his retirement? He is spending time with his family. Ray Lewis believes they have sacrificed so much for him so he can pursue his football career. It's now time for him to give something back to them during his retirement.

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