Buying a New Car as a Gift this Holiday Season? Have These 4 Questions on Your Checklist!

Buying a new car to celebrate a sweet 16 or surprise a loved one for the holidays can be overwhelming and stressful. There are several things to consider, and tasks to take care of before purchasing.  Here are a few “new car” checklist items to help you in making the big purchase!What's Your Budget?

What's Your Budget?

The first step to buying a new car is setting your budget. How much are you willing to put down on a payment? On monthly payments? Other costs to consider include gas, repairs, oil changes, insurance, and depreciation.  Taking care of the extra research early on will pay off later! Where’s the Deal?

Where's the Deal?

Research is key here, especially when looking for the best prices.  Auto manufacturers will most often list sales and deals on their website.  Unfortunately, if you are looking the purchase the vehicle as a holiday gift, you get a lower price after the holidays or at the end of a sales period.  Make it abelated holiday gift if your significant other or child is understanding.

What do they want?

It helps to take out a notepad and pencil to jot down the essential features your gift receiver wants in their shiny new vehicle. when looking will also help later while comparing vehicles!

Do I have the best policy?

Shopping around for the best auto insurance is a manufacturer will part of the “new car” process! It’s helpful to know what your anticipated monthly premium will be based on the car you choose.  Call when looking company to learn more about the costs for different models. 

Shopping for a new car during the holidays can be stressful insurance is. Carver Insurance Services, Inc. is here to take the weight off your shoulders when it comes to auto insurance! Call us today at (951)677-9600 to get a free quote.

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