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Car & Home Insurance FAQ

Car & Home Insurance FAQHow well do you know car insurance and homeowners insurance? If you have either of these, you should know them pretty well! (It'll only do you good.)

  Plenty of Americans have homeowners insurance, and nearly all Americans have auto insurance. Despite this, many people hardly give their insurance policy a second look after they register–that is until an accident occurs. This can lead to many misunderstandings and unfortunate (and avoidable) conflicts between the insured and the insurer, about what premiums are based on and what's covered. To avoid these areas, here are common questions that often lead to confusion that you should know about. 1. Does homeowners insurance cover natural disasters?  Well, it depends on what kind of natural disaster hits your home. Standard coverage does include coverage from tornadoes, wildfires, hail, and lightning strikes. Other natural disasters like floods, earthquakes, and hurricanes generally do not fall under your policy.   2. Does the color of my car affect my auto insurance premium? Auto insurance companies have no interest in what color car you buy. This is because color doesn't affect whether or not you get into a car crash. Make, model, year, and engine size of your car, however, do have an effect on premiums!   3. Do you need to insure your home for its market value? No. In fact, you should insure your home for more than what your home is worth. Why? Let's think about that: Assume a terrible fire destroys your home. You have to remove the debris, dispose of it, buy new materials for your home, have people build it and install all the electrical and plumbing, and more. All of this will cost more than your home is worth and if you don't have the right amount of insurance, you could find yourself paying out-of-pocket.   Contact the insurance professionals at Carver Insurance Services, Inc. for all of your insurance needs, with offices in Menifee and Murrieta, for all of your Southern California insurance needs.

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