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Your Smartphone’s Cyber Liability Risk

Tips For Minimizing Digital Risk Do you remember when a phone was just a phone? Your kids probably cannot! Today, our phones are mini computers, giving us access to the internet and every piece of data we have stored digitally. This makes life easier, but it also makes it easier for a thief to get his or her hands on all of your information. To help you protect your smartphone’s cyber liability risk, use these tips.
  • Lock Up: If your phone has a keylock or PIN code, use it! Without this kind of protection, any person who picks up your phone gains instant access to all of the data you have stored on it.
  • Download Carefully: Never download an app from a source you do not trust. This is also true of website links that will ask you to download content.
  • Encrypt: Most smartphones offer encryption software that will ask for a code before allowing access to certain folders or files. If you store sensitive information on your phone, use this software.
In our modern, digital age you need cyber liability insurance to be fully protected. To learn more about this crucial coverage, contact Carver Insurance Services, Inc.. Serving Menifee, Murrieta, and all of Southern California, we are here to protect you!

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