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Your Dog, Your Liability, & Your Homeowners Insurance

Dogs and Homeowners Insurance Menifee CAWhat homeowners need to know about their dogs and their Menifee, CA insurance.

You love your furry family member, but—if you’ve thought about it—you probably don’t love the risk he or she brings your family. Even the most docile dogs can act out when they feel threatened, and a dog bite could take a big bite out of your savings account. Fortunately, your homeowners insurance contains liability coverage, and if your dog is eligible, that coverage can step in to cover the medical bills and even legal fees that result from a dog bite. Dogs’ eligibility to be protected by standard homeowners coverage depends on their breeds, as insurer’s aren’t willing to underwrite pets that are infamous for acting aggressively. If you’re a dog owner, talk to your insurance agent about if your existing coverage can cover the liability your pooch presents. If not, you do have the option to secure a separate dog bite liability policy. If you’re having trouble finding the policy you need, look to a special-risks underwriter. Would you like to learn more about how your California homeowners insurance can protect your family dog and your wallet? For answers to all of your insurance questions in Menifee and Murrieta, contact Carver Insurance Services, Inc..

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