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Failure to Use Turn Signals Is Leading Cause of Traffic Accidents

Failure to Use Turn Signals Is Leading Cause of Traffic AccidentsThe turn signal is a great little way to let people know your intended direction. Unfortunately, not every person uses the turn signal and it may lead to more accidents than you think. 

You probably see it all the time: a person changing lanes or making a turn without any indication of their intended course. "Neanderthals!" You might call out in annoyance. (And you may be right.) If only there were a way for these people to signal where they are turning. Oh, there is? That's right. It's called your turn signal and everyone with a working brain should use them to alert other drivers of their intention to shift or turn. A new study suggests that distracted driving may not be the leading cause of car accidents, but failure to use turn signals is. Failure to use turn signals is responsible for nearly 2 million accidents every year! Research from the Society of Automotive Engineers reports that failure to use those turn signals results in nearly twice as many accidents that are caused by distracted driving. The study finds that drivers, on average, do not use their turn signals nearly half of the time when changing lanes, and drivers–again, on average–fail to signal a turn about a quarter of the time. Add the average number of lane changes and turns people make in a year, and that is about 750 billion times. The study recommends that authorities need to crack down on the ignorant people who do not use turn signals and for new cars to be equipped with a warning signal, similar to the one that reminds people to put on their seat belt. Contact the insurance professionals at Carver Insurance Services, Inc. for all of your auto insurance needs in Murrieta, surrounding areas, and all of California.

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