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Fun Things to Do With Your Pet This Summer!

Having fun this summer would not be the same if we didn’t include our adorable pets. After all, they’re family to right? We know that our furry friends light up our lives, make our day when we’re feeling down, drag us outside for a walk even when we don’t want to and put a smile on our face even on our worst day. So this summer wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t include them. We’ve come up with a great list of activities for you and your pet this summer. Let us know which one is your favorite.  
  1. Schedule a grooming session for some pampering.
  2. Try reaching your cat a trick-it is possible.
  3. Play in the sprinklers with your dog.
  4. Bring your dog to a restaurant with a patio that allows pets and enjoy the local eats.
  5. Make an ice pop for you pet-out of tuna, carrots, and more!
  6. Create a new window perch for your cat.
  7. Find your dog a playmate.
  8. Take a nap under a tree together.
  9. Create a new clawing pyramid for your cat.
  10. Make an obstacle course for your hamster.
  11. Bathe in the sun with your iguana.
  12.  Visit the beach.
  13. Take your bunny for a bike ride in your bike basket.
  14. Paint a portrait with your bird.
  15. Enjoy an outdoor movie with your furry BFF.
  16. Take your dog surfing in the waves.
  17. Do pet yoga with your cat.
  18. Play chase the cheese with your mouse.
  19. Go on a camping trip.
  20. Build a sand castle.
  21. Play fetch at a dog park.
  22. Take your cat down a slide.
  23. Visit a Farmers Market.
  24. Throw a Dog party.
  25. Visit a swimming pool.
  26. Pet makeover.
  27. Bring your pet to work.
  28. Go fishing with your pet.
  29. Organize a dog walk for charity.
  30. Sign up for dog training.
  31. Play hide and go seek with your pet.
  32. Go on a healthy diet with your pet.
  33. Dance with your pet.
  34. Try a new food with your cat or dog.
  35. Do paw print coloring.
  36. Go on a dog walk.
  37. Play cat and mouse with your cat and a ball of string.
  38. Buy your pet a new toy.
  39. Take your pet for an annual vet visit.
  40. Have your pet do tricks and then give them a treat afterwards.
  41. Find other pet owners in the area and create a meetup.
  42. Do off-leash training with your dog.
  43. Introduce your pet to a new friend.
  44. Play catch the frisbee.
  45. Watch a movie with a similar pet in it and watch your pets reaction.
  The best part about being able to do all these things; is the selfies you can take, the videos you can record or just the priceless memories you make with the pet you love. Not only do you get to enjoy yourself, but your pet gets to have the time of their life. Share these great ideas with other animal lovers. We can’t wait to hear about all the fun you had. This will surely make your summer the best!    For additional information or help with a new policy Contact Carver Insurance Services 40525 California Oaks Road Suite E-6 Murrieta CA 92562 Phone: 951-677-9600  

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