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Halloween Cookie Recipe for a Spooky Treat

Leaves are morphing into gold and red colors, while fields of orange pumpkins miraculously sprout up.  What better way to celebrate this spooktacular month than with a fresh batch of Witch Hat Cookies? Bring them to your Halloween office party or pass out to friends and celebrate the costume-filled day! Here’s how to make them: Ingredients 32 Hershey Kisses milk chocolates, unwrapped 1 package (11 ½ ounces) fudge-striped shortbread cookies (32) 1 tube (4.25 ounces) orange or red decorating icing Steps
  1. Attach 1 chocolate candy to chocolate bottom of each cookie, using decorating icing
  2. Pipe decorating icing around base of milk chocolate candy
  3. Place cookies on a festive plate and enjoy!
All of us at Carver Insurance Services, Inc. hope that you are able to enjoy these delicious Witch Hat Cookies! We know we did! Contact the insurance professionals at Carver Insurance Services, Inc. for all of your insurance needs in Murrieta, surrounding areas, and all of California.

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