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Honorary Service for 19 Firefighters - Temecula Insurance Agency - Carver for Auto, Home, Life & Health

Honorary Service for 19 Firefighters

An honorary service for 19 firefighters that died during the Arizona wildfire was attended by thousands of people. The mayor as well as Vice President Joe Biden were in attendance. The fire that they perished in is considered the worst fire in Arizona history, and the team of firefighters was apparently overrun while they were attempting to extinguish the blaze. The fire that claimed the lives of the 19 firefighters is reportedly the worst wild fire in the United States since 1933, when a Griffith Park fire killed 25 people.

Those that are currently experiencing drought and extreme weather conditions should make efforts to reduce the possibility of fire. Dry brush and debris should be removed whenever possible and open flame should never be taken into dry areas. Cigarettes and matches need to be disposed of correctly because they may not extinguish fully after being dropped to the ground even if they appear to have been put out. It is very important for individuals to practice good fire safety habits to help protect lives.

Protection against fire damage is extremely important during these dry summer months. For information about insurance options contact Carver Insurance Services, Inc..

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