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Labor Day Fun Facts And History!

Labor Day Fun Facts And History!Here at Carver Insurance Services, Inc., we would like to take a moment to wish you and your family a happy Labor Day! In honor of America’s workers, here is some historical information about the national holiday you can share with friends and family at your Labor Day celebrations!
  • Labor Day has taken place on the first Monday of September since the year 1887!
  • Labor Day occurs in celebration of America’s labor movement.
  • The first Labor Day parade was arranged by the Knights of Labor and Central Labor Union.
  • Labor Day has greatly benefitted the retailers of America because of all the Labor Day sales!
  • Citizens of America are more at ease swiping their charge cards during this weekend in order to finance one last summer adventure.
  • The holiday is regarded by many as the end of summer. For this reason, it is no longer fashionable to wear white once the holiday has passed.
  • 34.7 million people are estimated to be traveling on Labor Day 2014.
  • The Sunday before Labor Day has come to be known as Labor Sunday! It is devoted to Labor movement education.
  • The idea for a holiday was first suggested by a machinist named Matthew Maguire in the year 1882.
  • The first state to recognize Labor Day as a holiday was Oregon!
  • Grover Cleveland was the United States President who signed off on the national holiday.
Happy Labor Day! We hope that you and your family have a safe, and memorable holiday weekend! For insurance assistance in the Murrieta area, please give us a call at Carver Insurance Services, Inc.! We manage our insurance services in such a way that they operate efficiently and progressively! We will work with you to help you define your insurance needs, and then deliver a customized insurance product that will be perfect for your life. Contact us, today!

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