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[NEW HOMEOWNERS] Are you Budgeting for These Homeowner Expenses?

Remember that feeling when they handed you the front door keys?  Being a homeowner is a something you should have great pride in, but let’s face it – it’s no simple or easy task. People get the impression that the reason why being homeowner is so expensive is due to the large chunk of money handed over in the beginning (down payment) or because the mortgage usually is a bit higher than a regular month of rent. But those two things aren’t the HALF of it.

Maintaining your home, and planning for unexpected costs is a huge part of being a successful homeowner. Ready to start enter “planning” mode? Here are a few costs you should be budgeting for:

  • Dyer

Although dryers have a longer life expectancy than washing machines, if your stuck with a combination washer/dryer unit you won’t be able to live without one or the other. A good reason to plan ahead and get separate units!

Quick Tip from Consumer Reports: “Improve dryer airflow with a straight (not twisted) vent duct, one that's, ideally, metal and not plastic. Note that the shorter the run, the better. (CR recommends using foil tape, not sheet-metal screws, to seal the duct.”


Average Life Expectancy: 10-15 years

Potential Cost: $200 - $1750

(Sources: consumerreports.org)

  • Dishwasher

Remember those days of hand-washing and drying dishes? Well those days could potentially be back in your life at some point. Since dishwashers are used so often, it’s easy for them to needs repairs or part replacements during their life cycle. Common problems include: Water leaking from the bottom and broken seals on the interior and exterior of the door.

Average Life Expectancy: 9-13 years

Potential Cost: $400 - $1700

(Sources: ConsumerReports.org, thumbtack.com, angieslist.com)

  • Refrigerators

Probably one of the MOST important appliances homeowners should budget for: your beloved refrigerator! Imagine having a fridge break in the middle of the week while all of your groceries are already stored. By setting a budget and planning ahead, you’ll have the power to order a new refrigerator as soon as you possibly can!

Average Life Expectancy: 13 years

Potential Cost: $800 - $1200

(Sources: ConsumerReports.org, improvenet.com)

Now you’re ready to plan as a new homeowner! Have you planned ahead with your home insurance options?  Carver Insurance Services, Inc. is here to protect the things you love! We are here to provide ease of mind and add an extra layer of protection to your life!  Are your assets covered? Carver Insurance Services, Inc. is here to offer a free quote, just one dial away. Call your go-to insurance agent: (951) 677-9600

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