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New Year, New Resolutions, New You!

Enjoy four simple solutions to making life at home that much sweeter in 2018.

  It’s that time of the year again, where our motivation kicks in and we strive to go the extra mile to take inventory of our lives. While thinking about the improvements we are going to make this year in regards to our resolutions, we must not forget about one very crucial component to living a clean and efficient lifestyle: Our homes! Try out these tips to save money, open up room to entertain guests, and make spending time in your home more enjoyable!
  1. Say Goodbye To 2017 And Your Clutter!
As another year has passed since spring-cleaning, you undoubtedly have collected, stashed, stored, and shoved that last holiday decoration under the stairs next to old clothes and home movies.  If this is you, it’s time to downsize! Go through one last time, donate the items you do not use.  Organize what's left to optimize space. Keep precious home movies safe by transferring them onto a hard drive and store them forever in a compact reliable way.
  1. Being Safe Means Peace Of Mind.
It rarely crosses our minds to check smoke detector batteries or fire extinguishers to make sure they are properly functioning. Having a small checklist that you review once a month could potentially save you thousands in damage and even your lives. With January being National Radon Month, make sure to have a radon test performed by a local professional.  You cannot put a price on peace of mind, and knowing your family will be well protected will allow you the opportunity to focus on other important priorities.
  1. Go Green; Your Wallet Will Thank You.
Going green around the home doesn’t have to mean spending thousands of dollars on solar panels or having a composting bin in your front porch. In fact, going green can save you money without you spending an extra dime! Consider using less water when doing dishes and brushing your teeth. Hand washing your plates and silverware as opposed to running the dishwasher could save you gallons on your water bill. Unplugging appliances as well as phone chargers, power strips, and televisions when they are not in use can save you money every month too. The list is endless when it comes to ways you can positively impact your home, your life, and your environment, these are just a few to get you started.
  1. Budget Your Time, Budget Your Life.
Having a clear understanding of what income will be coming in and what expenses will be going out of your account will go a long way when something unfortunate and unexpected happens. Spend time prioritizing how your income will be allocated, how much will be remaining, and how you can benefit from what is left. It’s always a good idea to create a substantial nest egg for emergency situations. If your balance sheet is too close to negative or you would just like to save more, consider our energy saving tips to bank those extra bucks.  

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