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Be Prepared for St. Patrick’s Day

Be Prepared for St. Patrick’s DayHaving fun isn’t the only thing on your list this St. Patrick’s Day.

This St. Patrick’s Day be ready and have a plan to get back home before you begin your St. Patrick’s Day drinking binge. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) states that St. Patrick’s Day is the most dangerous time to drive out of all the holidays that are recognized in the U.S. Having a plan on getting home could not only save your life, but of people that are sharing the road with you that night. This doesn’t mean you can’t, or shouldn’t, drink—all it means is that drinking and driving is irresponsible, and having multiple ways of getting home is the way to go.

Know your options this St. Patrick’s Day with these alternate methods of getting home:

Designate a sober driver. Having a DD is a great way of getting where you want, without the risk of being involved in an accident. To be as fair as possible, pick the driver using dice. Whomever's number comes up, is the DD.

Public Transportation can be your best friend. Using your city’s public transportation system is another great way of getting home. Not all cities have a good public transportation system, so be sure that your stop isn’t ridiculously far. It may take a little longer than you’d like, but it’s better than wasting your time in jail.

Shared riding services. Hailing a taxi, or using Uber/Lyft can solve your time issue. You’ll have no issue finding one this night. They may be a bit expensive (especially for St. Patrick’s Day), but compared to that $10,000 DUI ticket, it’s infinitesimal.

We at Carver Insurance Services, Inc. know that you’ll make the right decision and be safe this St. Patrick’s Day. Having fun is important too, and to achieve a full piece of mind, Contact Carver Insurance Services, Inc. in Menifee and Murrieta for all of your California business insurance needs.

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