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Reasons to Get Renters Insurance

5 Reasons to Get Renters Insurance That You May Have Never Thought Of

Reasons to Get Renters InsuranceAnyone renting an apartment, condo, or single family home is advised to get Renters Insurance as it provides coverage for all your personal belongings. In fact, some landlords require you to get Renters Insurance, while many others simply recommend it. You may feel this is an unnecessary expense or that you don’t have enough possessions to warrant paying the premium, yet it’s hard to deny how worthwhile it is to get Renters Insurance. Most renters know the main reasons they need Renters Insurance, although there are some reasons you may have never thought of! Liability Coverage This is the big one that many people overlook - liability. If someone in your home gets injured then you could be liable for it, so Renters Insurance with liability coverage ensures that you are protected should someone look to sue you for an injury sustained in your home. Now, you may think your friends or family wouldn’t do this but never make this assumption - it could cost you a lot of money, especially if medical treatment is required. Moreover, if you have a pet then this will provide coverage against bites, along with any injuries that you might have caused someone. So, Renters Insurance doesn’t just protect your belongings, it protects your guests too! Loss of Use If you ever lose the use of your home from damage, such as a fire or water, then you will require temporary accommodations and somewhere to eat. This costs a lot of money and your Renters Insurance could cover much of the expense if it includes loss of use protection, although many do have maximum limits you can claim. Still, getting some money to help cover the various costs can offer massive relief in a time of high stress. Protection from Various Perils If your home is damaged by a flood or earthquake, then Renters Insurance probably won’t cover it in a normal policy. However, there are many natural perils that are included, so if your home gets damaged by something out of your control then it could be covered in Renters Insurance. While the perils included vary from each policy provider, some policies include damage from vehicles, explosions, falling objects, volcanic eruption, snow, ice, hail, and even damaged caused during times of civil unrest (e.g. rioting). While the chances of your home being damaged by these various perils are unlikely, it never hurts to have protection from the unexpected! Stuff You Damage Yes, Renters Insurance can provide coverage for unintentional damage you cause in the property. While many things won’t be covered, there are certain things included, such as damaging the carpet with water because the washroom flooded. This means if you do cause intentional damage the insurance may contribute towards repairs. Frozen Systems If you live somewhere that gets very cold in the winter months then you may want to get Renters Insurance. Why? Because if any of your systems freeze over due to the cold weather and damage appliances, the insurance might cover it.   renters insurance policy murrietaCarver Insurance Services, Inc. is a local insurance agency that has been serving residents and small businesses in Murrieta, Temecula, and surrounding areas since 2004. Started by Diana Carver; a second generation insurance broker with over 25 years experience, when after working for several insurance brokerages, Diana felt the need for a brokerage that was efficient and progressive, while still keeping that “hometown” feeling. Carver Insurance Services, Inc.’s goal is to help you determine what insurance needs you have, meet those needs, and then help you prepare to meet future goals. The Carver Insurance Services, Inc. Family and its agents would love for you to stop by one of their two convenient locations for a free insurance quote or just to say, “Hello!”     For more information, give Carver Insurance Services, Inc. a call today to talk to a friendly, helpful agent. 951-677-9600 Renters Insurance For Temecula Homes  Carver Insurance Services, Inc.-Temecula 33321 Temecula Parkway suite #102, Temecula, 92592 951-676-0540

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