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How to Have a Safe (but Fun) Tailgating Party

How to Have a Safe (but Fun) Tailgating PartyTailgating is fun, but it presents risks which are not all that unique, giving you the opportunity to decrease your risk of injury.

Fall is upon us which means three things: the crisp cool air of autumn has returned, football season is back, and tailgating is coming along! Pre-game tailgating gives us the chance to bond with fellow sports lovers and shows the compassion for humanity as we share our food and drink with those supporters of the other team. Before you head off to the big game, take this crash course on safety tips to have a safe (but fun) tailgating party.
  1. Stellar Sanitation is a Must Nothing will ruin your experience at the stadium like food poisoning. Because tailgating usually deals with grilling burgers, chicken, and other meats, you must be especially careful to prevent cross contamination. Keep the meats and everything else separate at all times.
  2. Your Grilling Guidelines Your guests are hungry and are begging for your self-proclaimed best burgers in town. Ground meats should reach an internal temperature of at least 160 degrees F, steaks to at least 145 degrees F, pork chops to 160 degrees F, and chicken to at least 180 degrees F.
  3. Designated Driver is a Must Let's face it, you're likely going to throw back a few cold ones. If your tailgating party will include alcohol, make sure that you designate a driver who will not be drinking to get you back home after the game. If no one volunteers, leave it to fate by designating he (or she) who draws the shortest straw.
All of us at Carver Insurance Services, Inc., with offices in Menifee and Murrieta, California would like to wish you a happy tailgate party!

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