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Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring DaisiesAs you tackle your spring cleaning chores this year, use these helpful tips to help you get your home neat, clean, and organized before the fun and chaos of summer arrives. 1. The first step to spring cleaning is to tackle your closet and dresser. Donate or discard unused or tattered items. Organize what is left to help you dress quickly each morning, placing coordinating accessories and shoes in one area and skirts, pants, blouses, and dresses in other areas. Doing this will simplify your morning routine and shave minutes off of your daily preparation. 2. To clean your painted walls, use a clean rag dipped in plain water. If water does not remove the dirt, add a little dish soap to your pail. For more stubborn stains, apply the soap directly to the wall and gently scrub the dirt away. Be sure to rinse the wall with plain water after you wash it. 3. To keep your carpets looking fresh, experts recommend that you remove shoes while in the house and vacuum the carpets every day. Have your carpets cleaned once or twice a year in areas of heavy traffic. In places like bedrooms that don't see as much traffic, you may be able to go 18 months to two years between cleanings. 4. To clean tiles, use a mixture of baking soda and water. Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda into a 2 gallon pail of water. You can use this mixture to mop the tiles, or you can use it with a toothbrush to tackle tough grout stains. Be sure to rinse the tiles and grout thoroughly with plain water. If you need to get a quote on your insurance in Southern California, contact Carver Insurance Services, Inc. in Murrieta or Menifee.

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