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Coverage Tips For Inexperienced Drivers

Teen Car Insurance Murrieta CAInsurance Discounts For Teen Drivers The time has come to put your teen behind the wheel. You know this should be an exciting experience, but are finding it difficult to contain your worries surrounding insurance. Insuring an inexperienced driver is notoriously expensive, but there are a variety of money saving opportunities available to you, including:
  • It is time to hit the books! You and your child are rewarded with the good student discount when they maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher!
  • Additional discounts are granted when your teen continues honing their skills on the roads. This means enrolling in an additional safe-driving course can help you save.
  • When your teen driver travels away from home for school, you will want to alter your policy. If they left their car at home, you can take advantage of the resident student discount.
  • You may think that newer is better when it comes to your new teen driver’s car, but you can have a less expensive premium with an older model.
  • Bring technology into their lives. No, we are not suggesting letting them text and drive, but rather, install devices that prohibit them from distracted driving and monitor their driving tendencies. Many insurance discounts are rewarded for those who let their insurer see their driving habits through these devices.
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