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The Ultimate Guide to Protecting Your Smartphone Private Data


Installing an anti-virus software, or some asset for protecting your computer has seemingly been common knowledge since the .com era. But what about when it comes to your smartphone? Isn’t your phone (simply put) a “mini” version of your computer? And with access to EVERYTHING from your bank account apps, family photos, and other personal data that you couldn’t imagine getting hacked into.

Take a moment to prioritize your mobile phone security by reading these 5 tips:U

  1. Use at least a six-digit numerical pass-code

We know the screen lock can get annoying at times, but this feature offers the first line of defense when it comes to protecting your data!  Enable all the security features on your phone, including passcode, fingerprint or facial ID. Don’t just go for the minimal “four digital” passcode either. Ramp-up your security game by using special characters and more numbers.

2. Enable two-factor or multi-factor authentication

Have you ever been presented with the “Would you like to enable a 2-step authentication” message? It might be a good idea to implement! Facebook, Google, and Apple ID are all 2-step authentication evangelists and for a good reason. Enabling this means any attempt to log into your accounts requires validation via a notification on your computer or other devices.

3. Disable WiFi when traveling

Did you know that hackers can reach your information through the “free WiFI” offered at locations? Yep. These free networks are rarely secure, and can cause more harm then benefits if connected. While traveling, turn off your WiFi and Bluetooth unless you are actively using, or know that you’re on a secure network!

4. Vet Your Apps

Installing an app without doing a little background research is a big “no!” Giving third-party apps access to your phone also can give hackers an easy way to put malicious software on your phone and feed all your data back to them.  To vet an app, do your part by reading the reviews and confirm the company behind it is in good standing by visiting the website. A quick “Google” to research the company never hurts as well!

5. Protect your data with insurance

Don’t forget that insurance is always here for those “this will never happen to me” incidents. For extra protection, ask Carver Insurance Services, Inc. about Home Cyber Protection Coverage that can be offered to Mercury Insurance renters or homeowners policy.

Smartphones and mobile devices have become an integrated part of our life and can cause a whole lot of pain if hacked into. Carver Insurance Services, Inc. is here to provide ease of mind and add an extra layer of protection to your life!  Is your life covered? Carver Insurance Services, Inc. is here to offer a free quote. Call today: (951) 677-9600

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