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Tips for Exercising When It’s Cold


Exercising outside can be a wonderful experience. You can breathe in the fresh air, hear the birds and feel the sun. But, then there are times that it may not be a perfect setting. The cold, dry air can affect your lungs, and it can be hard to focus on your exercise routine when you’re too busy shivering. However, there are some strategies to help you continue exercising comfortably when it is cold outside.

Choose your clothes carefully. Lots of synthetic fabrics help absorb sweat and keep your body cool. But a fleece or wool outer layer can help lock in body heat and keep you warm for the duration of your workout. In addition, thicker socks and gloves hay help keep your extremities warm as well—especially in the wind.

Don’t wear too many layers. While a sweater or jacket will help keep you warm, you don’t want to overdress. If you feel warm already at the beginning of your workout, you may risk overheating by the end. It may be better to be a little cold at the beginning of your routine to allow yourself time to warm up. Thinner jackets or sweaters can keep your body heat in without suffocating you by the end.

Be aware of the weather. If it’s going to be rainy or windy during your workout, you may feel a lot colder than it actually is. In addition, it can affect your breathing and make the road a lot more slippery. Also, being damp with rainwater can lower your body temperature and make it difficult to warm yourself up. Just make sure that whatever routine you have planned, the weather is not too incompatible.

Enjoy the change of atmosphere. Especially in sunny California, it can be a nice change of pace to see frost on the grass and clouds in the sky. What you’re used to seeing can change and provide a nice, new perspective to what you have grown used to.

Even though we don’t have to worry about snow here, cold weather can still be hazardous to our workouts. Just remember to dress well, stay safe, and keep a positive outlook. And of course, if it is just too cold, there’s always the gym.

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