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Tips to Hit the Ground Running this National Running Day

national-running-day-murrieta This Wednesday if National Running Day! After putting off a consistent running routine since your New Year's goals, what better time to start than this week? If you are going to start running, there are a few tips and strategies to make it go as well as it can. Committing to an exercise regimen can be difficult, so getting a leg up by utilizing a plan can help you continue when you may want to stop. 1. Remember that running is a process. You probably won’t be able to go out and run five miles on your first day, you may not even be able to run one mile without stopping. Remembering to start slow, and gradually work up to your distance goals will help. Don’t push yourself too hard and get discouraged. It is also fine to take walking breaks to catch your breath while still moving and building endurance.   2. Find a pair of shoes that work best for you. Something that it snug, but not too small, will fit your foot best. This way your feet will not shift in your shoes while you run. In addition, find something that moves well with your feet to keep from something that will cause too much soreness or blisters.   3. Stick to your schedule. If it is a day you are scheduled to run, make sure you go out, even if only for a short time. Motivating yourself through a workout helps make it a habit. Procrastination becomes “I’ll do it tomorrow,” and it can be very easy to miss a lot of running time and lose the progress you’ve made.   4. Keep a journal. Tracking your progress is a good motivational tool. It helps you figure out what works best for you, as well as show you how far you’ve come. You can see your best run times and figure out how to build skills and habits to further improve your run.   5. Remember to rest. Taking rest days to recuperate is important. Resting as massaging tender muscles can keep you from overworking them and causing damage. And, of course, if there is an increase in pain that concerns you, consult a medical professional to ensure you don’t hurt yourself.   6. Find running friends. Having a group of people who can run with you and help motivate you can be very helpful. They can help you set goals, give advice, and provide company outside of your solo runs.   7. Set attainable goals. Don’t start running with a marathon as your next goal. You can build up to a marathon, but start small. Maybe run for one mile, then one and a half, then two. This way you see your progress as you go, without getting discouraged by a goal that seems too far away.   8. Know that you are absolutely capable of being a runner. Just by starting the process, you are a part of a community of runners. It doesn’t matter where you are in relation to  others, just that you are running. Setting up a running routine is not only a great way to improve your wellness, but can also save you money on life insurance. Contact Carver Insurance Services, Inc. in Murrieta today to learn more and get a quote today!

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