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Useful Tips for Staying Safe This Halloween

Are you prepared for October 31st?

Halloween can be a fun and lively occasion, but it can also bring elements of danger to trick-or-treaters, drivers, and homeowners. Accidents, injuries, and vandalism can bring unexpected horror on an otherwise fun-filled night. Here are some tips and strategies to help you stay safe and ensure that your neighborhood remains safe and fun during the holiday:   For Trick-or-Treaters: 1. Consider the Costume: If you or your child’s costume limits your vision or mobility, you may consider changing that before you go trick-or-treating. Once it gets dark, sidewalk curbs, drivers, and other trick or treaters can sneak up on you, and you want to make sure that you can see them and move out of the way as effectively as possible. In addition, make sure that both your costume and any props you make have won’t be hazardous to those around you (sharp edges, functional weaponry, long string/cloth dragging behind you). 2. Go with a Group: Travel with a group of people with either a flashlight or glow sticks, so that others can see you. Make sure that everyone watches where they are walking and help keep each other safe as you go from house to house. 3. Young Children Should be with an Adult: If there are young children in your group, make sure that there is an adult present and supervising them. 4. Watch for Cars: Don’t look at your phone or through your candy bag while in the street. Always watch for cars, and make sure that they see you and stop before you cross. For Drivers: 1. Watch for People in Costume: Adults and kids are out walking the streets in costumes, many of which are black. Drive slow, keep your headlights on, and watch for anyone crossing the street where you are. In addition, take extra care when backing out of garages or driveways that you are constantly watching for anyone walking behind you.  It’s a good idea to leave early so that you have time to drive slow and make sure everyone is safe. 2. Be aware of where you are parked: If your car is parked somewhere dimly lit or secluded, vandals may be more likely to throw eggs or key it. If possible, move your car into a garage or well-lit and well-traveled area where rowdy teenagers may be less likely to damage it. For Homeowners: 1. Keep You House Well-Lit: If you plan on welcoming trick-or-treaters, make sure that your walkways and door are well-lit so that no one trips or gets hurt trying to reach your door. In addition, make sure that any decorations to no impede the walkway where someone could get hurt. 2. Set up Surveillance: Whether you have security cameras or a neighborhood watch, ensure that you and your neighbors are protected from vandalism. Egging and property damage can ruin your night. 3.Keep Your Pets Safe: Trick-or-treating can be stressful on your pets so it is best that they are kept indoors, and out of the way.   If you experience vandalism or other damage Halloween night, be sure to file a claim. Contact the police to file a report, and take photos to document any damage that may have occurred. Finally, contact your insurance as soon as possible to file a claim. Remember to stay safe, and have fun this Halloween!

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