How to Prepare Your Car for a Road-Trip

Road-trips should be spent having fun, not spent on the shoulder of the road waiting for a tow truck to take your broken car.   You're driving east on Route 66 with your pals planning to drive through the great plains and end right in the heart of Chicago (right in front of the Art Institute of Chicago to be precise). You're playing some great tunes, and enjoying the banter between the lot of you. As you're driving the barren deserts of New Mexico, you notice smoke coming out of your hood. … [Read more...]

Berries and Créme Sandwich Cookies

Try baking these deliciously refreshing cookies with some fresh berries mixed into Betty Crocker cookie mix! If you are a self-proclaimed professional baker, then this recipe is the one for you. Berries and créme sandwich cookies is the recipe that you’re going to want to have a go at. It takes the sweetness of a berry and mixes it into the crunchy, tasty cookie which is then placed under another great cookie. Ingredients 1 pouch Betty Crocker™ sugar cookie mix 1/3 cup butter, softened 1 … [Read more...]

Interesting Motorcycle Market Facts

If you're into motorcycles and have ever wondered about the market data, you've come to the right place.  The two-wheel transportation community recently participated in a survey directed towards primary motorcycle or motor scooter/moped owners eighteen years of age or older. The survey was distributed in order to better understand the characteristics, attitudes, and culture of the motorcycle population. By better understanding all of these factors, motorcycle insurance companies are better able … [Read more...]

3 Mistakes Teens (& Parents) Make When Going to College

In addition to finding the best deals on textbooks through third-party websites, families need to evaluate their car insurance before sending their teens off to college. College is expensive and the increase in tuition seems to only be on the up. Many parents overlook car insurance discounts and make errors when it comes to coverage that ends up costing the family extra money. What's worse, that money could go to paying off the pile of debt with which your child will end up after graduation. … [Read more...]

The Outdoor Concert Checklist

Never sure of what to take with your when you go to an outdoor concert? Just Follow this outdoor concert checklist to be set! What is summer without outdoor rock concerts? Whether it's a huge weekend music festival or a local concert being held by your city, outdoor concerts are sure to be a fun time. But you can't help but notice that every time you attend one of these great functions, you end up missing something important. Was it the sunscreen? You likely even made a list, and yet, still have … [Read more...]

June is National Safety Month. How Can You Keep Your Employees Protected?

National Safety Month is as good a time as any to implement the best ways in which you can keep your employees safe. 4.1 million people suffer from a workplace injury each year. All those injured workers lead to approximately 80,000,000 hours of lost work—which costs companies millions of dollars in lost production. Keeping your employees safe and sound is actually going to make your company a lot more money than if you were to just ignore the safety hazards. (Someone should have told that to … [Read more...]

Murrieta’s 25th Birthday Bash

Murrieta will be celebrating its 25th birthday bash, come celebrate! When: June 25, 2016 Where: California Oaks Sports Park Time: 2:00 pm – 9:15 pm Save the date and join us as we celebrate Murrieta’s 25th Birthday! There will be food vendors, a kid zone (wristbands are $10 per child), musical performances by some great tribute bands. If this hasn’t convinced you already, there will be a spectacular laser show and an impressive fireworks show. The best part about this event is that admission … [Read more...]

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