Giving Back

Nobody Should Go Hungry

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Circle of Care

For 22 years, Circle of Care has been helping families and individuals with everyday necessities. The generous donations of countless people help Circle of Care to serve over 800 families on a weekly basis with everyday necessities, including groceries. In 2020 alone, they were able to donate over 5 million dollars worth of resources to bring ‘sustenance and economic strength to our community.’ This also allows the organization to focus on both short-term and long-term support in order to most effectively aid those who are in need.

“Our mission is to help and sustain the members of our community by providing hope and tangible everyday items that are needed to thrive and rise above their current circumstances.”

Project Touch 

Project Touch was founded in 2003 as a way to help those in our communities who need it the most.

Their programs include the following:

  • Transitional Housing: Provides over 200 beds to assist single mothers, men, women, seniors, veterans, & the disabled. This also helps 50 children a day, on average, to have a place to rest.
  • Community Food Program: Local business partner with Project Touch in order to help provide meals to those who are seeking help from not only Project Touch themselves, but with other local non-profit organizations, and churches.
  • Resource Referral Center: Project touch partners with social services, drug & alcohol rehab programs, mental health services, and homeless prevention programs in order to provide the needed resources to our communities.

“Together our unity conquers homelessness.”

Ron Finley Project 

Mr. Finley grew up in South Central Los Angeles and knew that the lack of fresh produce was of major concern. This situation is known as a ‘Food Prison.’ His vision was to change these areas into ‘Food Sanctuaries.’ So, in 2010, as a way to combat this growing issue of food deserts, Mr. Finley fought The City of Los Angeles to have the right to garden and grow food in his neighborhood. He was successful in his endeavor and now educates inner city communities on proper nutrition, along with how to ‘embrace the act of growing, knowing, and sharing the best of the earth’s fresh-grown food.’

“This work isn’t just about the garden or food. It’s about freedom – and beyond that, it’s about people.”