What is the difference between “Actual Cash Value” and “Replacement Cost?”

What is the difference between “Actual Cash Value” and “Replacement Cost?” Introduction It is important to know how “Actual Cash Value” versus “Replacement Cost” can affect the coverage of your personal items. Consider if you had a 70 inch Smart TV, and someone stole it. Would your insurance company give you a settlement to replace your TV with a new one or would the insurance company give you what your TV is worth at the time? In 2018 a national study conducted by Mercury Insurance … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Car

Spring is the time to freshen things up. Giving your car a good cleaning will make it shine and prepare it for the summer months ahead. Washing and waxing the body aren't the only things you should be doing either. Detailing the interior helps remove dust and debris that can lead to allergies. Add an air freshener to bring back that new car smell. The inside of your car isn't the only part of your car that deserves a thorough once over. Using a high pressure sprayer, clean the undercarriage of … [Read more...]

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