5 Things That Insurance Companies Look for When Rating Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Insurance companies consider many factors when rating your homeowner insurance premium. We all want the peace of mind that our home and its contents are covered for the worst-case scenarios, yet that sometimes means paying higher insurance premiums to ensure that everything is adequately covered. But how exactly does an insurance company rate your homeowner insurance premium? Many factors are considered, so your insurance costs can vary significantly depending on the overall condition of your … [Read more...]

Hidden Homeowner Costs to Consider

Finding the perfect home may be a bit more expensive than you think, so it is important to remember the hidden costs of homeownership. You may think you have finally got the price you wanted for the home you are looking to buy. Then, come escrow time and beyond, you see some new numbers and additions you did not expect. These extra costs are the extra costs of buying a home that not many people ever expect. They are things like processing fees, underwriting fees, commission fees, among other … [Read more...]

What to Review in Your Home Insurance at Renewal

Home insurance policies need to be reviewed at the time of renewal, but what is it that you need to review when that time comes? Home insurance can be a rather confusing policy. Policies are normally customized to fit the exact needs of the homeowner, so coverage varies widely. If you have never read your homeowners insurance policy from cover to cover, it is highly recommended that you do so in order to ascertain for what you are covered. Otherwise, an unpleasant surprise may await you when you … [Read more...]

What’s the Difference? Home and Condo Insurance

Homes and condos are similar but are very different architecturally, equally, condo and home insurance come with their own set of differences.   Both homes and condos give you much-needed shelter. But there is no mistaking a home for a condo as they architecturally appear very different. With a condominium, you own part of a building or property, but not all of it. It's this difference in ownership that requires condo owners to purchase condo insurance, rather than homeowners insurance. Here are … [Read more...]

What to Know About Jewelry Coverage

Your collection of jewelry is something that you should protect, and jewelry coverage helps do just that.  A necklace handed down through the generations. A watch or bracelet marking a special occasion. Or a ring from a loved one. Every reason that you treasure your jewelry is a reason to get it insured. You don't have to go out and purchase a separate policy, you just have to make sure what your personal property coverage from your homeowners insurance is. In order to know if your home … [Read more...]

Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

As the holidays roll around, you may want to decorate your house in the spirit of the holidays! Before you do, make sure you follow these safety tips.  Now that Thanksgiving is over and done with, many people will take this time to decorate their halls with boughs of holly and spread the holiday cheer. Pine trees, ornaments, and lights are among the most popular and we bet you will likely be using at least one of these to decorate your home. Here are some holiday decorating safety tips to help … [Read more...]

Are You Covered From Flood Damage?

If you are relying on your existing insurance policies, you may not have enough coverage. As the heavy El Nino rains continue to pound California, you may be hearing more and more stories of flood waters making their way into people’s homes. If you are thinking that your existing homeowners insurance policy will provide protection in case of flood damage, think again. Any damage that is done by a flood will not be covered under your existing home insurance policy. You will need to invest in a … [Read more...]

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