Insurance Policy Spring Cleaning Checklist

Conquering Your Spring Cleaning Checklist With Ease When it comes to spring cleaning, you must accomplish far more than just tidying up the house. There are also a few spring cleaning measures that you should complete in regards to your insurance policies. Gathered are just a few to add to your list: Auto Insurance - It is time to wash and wax your auto insurance policy! This means confirming adequate coverage and checking to see if you qualify for any additional auto insurance … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Tips

As you tackle your spring cleaning chores this year, use these helpful tips to help you get your home neat, clean, and organized before the fun and chaos of summer arrives. 1. The first step to spring cleaning is to tackle your closet and dresser. Donate or discard unused or tattered items. Organize what is left to help you dress quickly each morning, placing coordinating accessories and shoes in one area and skirts, pants, blouses, and dresses in other areas. Doing this will simplify your … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Car

Spring is the time to freshen things up. Giving your car a good cleaning will make it shine and prepare it for the summer months ahead. Washing and waxing the body aren't the only things you should be doing either. Detailing the interior helps remove dust and debris that can lead to allergies. Add an air freshener to bring back that new car smell. The inside of your car isn't the only part of your car that deserves a thorough once over. Using a high pressure sprayer, clean the undercarriage of … [Read more...]

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