Are you ready for wildfire season? These tips will help you prepare.

WILD FIRE SAFETY - PLAN AHEAD TO HELP MINIMIZE RISK Mercury Insurance offers property protection tips to homeowners; advice in the event of evacuation California residents know that wildfires can occur at any time when temperatures rise, humidity drops and destructive Santa Ana winds combine to increase the risk of brush and forest fires. Wildfires can be devastating—causing serious damage to your property and threatening personal safety. Advance preparation is essential if you want protect … [Read more...]

Going Green: Gardening tips to improve your yield this Spring

Even though it's pleasurable and rewarding, gardening can still be a lot of work.  Why not ensure the most fruit for your labors with these simple tips to improve your harvest? It all starts with good planning.  Ensure that your crops come in waves and that those waves stretch the entire harvesting season.  Shoulder crops (like late-ripening apples or raspberries and strawberries which bear early and late) can help extend your picking season. Vertical gardening adds a huge amount of viable … [Read more...]

Keep The Fun Of Your Personal Watercraft Growing With These Simple Safety Preparations!

An afternoon spent on any type of personal watercraft combines all the fun of riding an ATV combined with the added excitement of skimming across the open water. In most cases, a bit of sunburn and lots of exposure to the wind and water are the only ill effects, but certain safety protocols must be followed to ensure that the fun is not spoiled by tragedy. Tips for Properly Equipping Your Personal Watercraft  Staying safe while riding begins with having the proper equipment available. In … [Read more...]

What You Should Know When Buying Insurance

The words "better safe than sorry" may be clichê, but it doesn't mean they aren't true. After all, that’s what the insurance industry is built on. But with so many types of insurance and so many different levels of coverage it helps to know what you're getting into before you buy. Here's some tips on choosing coverage and how to manage those policies once they are in place. A low price tag may look good on the surface, but cheap coverage leaves things out, and underinsuring could lead to an … [Read more...]

Things To Know About You Car Insurance

When it comes time to get insurance for your car, the amount of information available can be overwhelming. By reading through these tips, you will be better informed before buying a new policy. Insurance has different coverage components. Bodily injury covers you if you end up hurting someone in an accident, property damage covers other property that you might damage, collision covers your car value, and comprehensive covers damage from things other than accidents. The cost of your premium is … [Read more...]

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