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25 Fun inexpensive things to do with your Kids during Summer!

Summer is one of the busiest seasons of the year. The sun is out; the sky is blue and the flowers are blooming. You know that your everyday schedule will be busy from morning til evening. You’ve got a plan and you’re ready to take it on. Then you remember your kids are out of school! That changes everything. You see that the kids are moping around the house. They have the, " I’m bored face on; ” but Summer just started and you’re not sure what to do? Well, don’t worry we’ve got twenty-five fun inexpensive things for you to do with your kids this Summer. You and the kids can have lots of fun without breaking the bank. Fingerpaint. - take a trip to the nearest Walmart for great deals on Colors. Make play dough from scratch.- Pinterest has great ways to make play dough. Make homemade mini pizzas. - Don’t forget the Pepperoni. Buy popsicles. - Go to your nearest grocery store and pick your favorite color. Make hand-painted T-shirts. - Make sure it’s not washable. Set up a hammock, make lemonade, relax. - Pick the strongest tree in your yard. Go to a pool. - Bring Goggles for a clear view. Barbecue. - Chicken, Steak, Hot Dogs and Seafood make the best meal. Volunteer. - Check out your community newspaper for events. Donate stuff to charity. - Good will or Salvation Army take donations. Compete in a three-legged or other race. - Take it all the way til you Win! Create an obstacle course. - Using a tunnel makes it more intense. Make mud pies. - Get ready to get dirty! Blow bubbles. - Bubble circle tools make the huge ones. Take turns saying tongue twisters. - See who can make the hardest tongue twister ever. Sing songs. - Choose from a list of your favorite Artist. Learn and tell each other jokes. - Who can be the best stand-up comedian? Play basketball. - The Team that wins, gets a prize. Learn to juggle. - Fruit can be fun to juggle. Have a scavenger hunt. - Have Friends join you for a better experience. Make mazes or puzzles for each other to solve. - When your puzzles made, glue it and put it into a picture frame for safe keeping. Play card games. - Uno is a game everyone can play. Garden together. - Make sure you use the right soil for best results. Go to a museum. - Check out your local recreational magazine, it’ll give you the details of Free Museums in your city. Go to a playground. - Have fun on the swings and slides. Add your own special touches to each activity. During Summer the weather is the best part, because it allows you to do so much indoor and outdoor activities. You can do Sports, Arts and Crafts, DIY Projects, engaging in board games and so much more! The best part about it is you save money and the kids have a good time. Don’t forget to take pictures to capture all the memories. Now you're ready for some fun in the sun! For additional information or help with a new policy Contact Carver Insurance Services 40525 California Oaks Rd Suite E-6 Murrieta CA 92562 Phone: 951-677-9600 https://insuredbycarver.com/contact-us/

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