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4 Factors to Consider When Shopping for RV Insurance

4 Factors to Consider When Shopping for RV Insurance

4 Factors to Consider When Shopping for RV InsuranceIf you own a motorhome or RV, or are considering buying one, then you will also need to buy RV insurance for it. Just like regular vehicles, motorhomes and RVs are required to be insured in most cases. And because of the particular nature of motorhomes, it is important for RV owners to know what factors to consider when choosing an RV insurance policy. If you own a motorhome or RV and you are feeling overwhelmed by what to consider when choosing RV insurance, know that you are not alone. A lot of people are looking for information on this very topic. This article will make things easier for you by listing the factors that one must consider when choosing their RV insurance.

Following are 4 factors to consider when shopping for RV insurance:

1. Comprehensive and Collision Coverage
Most RV owners choose liability coverage. However, choosing comprehensive and collision coverage is equally important. An RV is a big investment and if you only have liability coverage, it leaves you vulnerable to a great loss in case of an accident. That’s why you should consider comprehensive and collision coverage to ensure maximum protection and peace of mind. What’s more, if you are financing the RV, comprehensive and collision coverage will be required by your lender.

2. Usage Limitations
Some RV and motorhome insurance policies have ‘usage’ limits with the idea that you are not using your RV as a full-time home, but only as a recreational vehicle. So, it is recommended that you think how many days a year you will be traveling and living in your RV and then ask the insurer about their RV policies with seasonality. Full-time RV insurance coverage would be suitable for you if you think that you will often need additional coverage.

3. Roadside Assistance
There are certain additional support coverages you can choose with your RV insurance. Roadside assistance is one such coverage. Just like auto insurance, roadside assistance can be added to RV insurance and it can prove to be highly beneficial as it ensures that you will have aid on the way for gas tank issues, flat tires, and other inconveniences.

4. New Motorhome Gap Insurance
Your RV is a pretty big investment, especially if you purchased a brand new one. So, it is recommended that you consider adding lease or loan protection to your RV insurance. This will ensure that you cover the gap between what your RV is worth and what you owe in case of a loss.

In conclusion, purchasing an RV insurance policy is very important and, in most states, it is a legal requirement. While there are many RV insurance companies available, keep in mind that not all of them are the same. Not to mention there are many things to consider when shopping for an RV policy. So, thoroughly research your options and make sure that you are covering yourself completely.

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