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4 Reasons to Consider Getting Rental Car Insurance Coverage

4 Reasons to Consider Getting Rental Car Insurance Coverage

4 Reasons to Consider Getting Rental Car Insurance CoverageRental Car reimbursement coverage is designed to keep you moving when your primary car isn’t. It is an optional coverage that you can use to pay for the cost of renting a car while your own car is getting repaired in the shop. But in addition to that, should you purchase the rental car insurance coverage that the rental company will offer you?

Some auto insurance providers offer rental car insurance coverage. However, it is generally not included on most plans by default. Not to mention no states require it. That said, this coverage can be quite beneficial when offered by your rental car provider. If you pay for this coverage, you will make sure that your rental is covered for any claim your collision coverage or comprehensive coverage would generally cover for your own covered vehicle.

Following are 4 reasons to consider getting rental car insurance coverage:

1. It’s Relatively Cost Effective
Signing up for rental car insurance coverage can be relatively cost-effective as compared to relying on your own personal insurance or assuming the risk of having no coverage at all. Depending on what you have set as your deductible, you could be looking at a very expensive bill after an accident in a rental vehicle. The everyday cost of rental car insurance coverage will surely be less costly as compared to your deductible and paying that cost can offer you much needed peace of mind.

2. It Helps Avoid Claims Against Personal Auto Insurance
In case you have a claim, you can simply file it against your rental car insurance coverage, which will help you avoid a possible rate increase to your personal policy. Not to mention, if you don’t have collision or comprehensive coverage on your personal auto insurance policy, adding the loss-damage waiver can protect you against any damage to your rental vehicle.

3. It Allows You to Expand Your Coverage Limits for a While
On your personal auto policy, you may be carrying limited coverage e.g. the state minimum that is required for liability coverage or maybe you are not carrying enough coverage for your own peace of mind while driving a rental vehicle. Adding rental car insurance coverage means greater protection if you are involved in an accident.

4. It Can Protect You from Auto Insurance Rate Hikes
One major drawback of relying on personal auto insurance to cover a claim on a rental vehicle is the fact that your insurance rates are likely to increase afterward. However, using the rental car insurance coverage you purchased from the rental company will not increase your personal auto insurance rates in many cases.

By its nature, insurance is not something you hope you have to use. The cost of rental car insurance coverage can make it seem like it’s financially smarter to simply skip it. But if you ever do have problem with a rental vehicle, you will be glad that you purchased this optional coverage. That said, ultimately, it is up to you to decide whether or not rental car insurance coverage is worth it. Some see it as a minor cost for extra peace of mind. Others see it as an unnecessary expense. Similar to most optional insurance policies, you will only realize how useful rental car insurance coverage is when you actually need to use it.

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