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9 Things You Should Always Bring with You on Long Road Trips

9 Things You Should Always Bring with You on Long Road Trips

9 Things You Should Always Bring with You on Long Road TripsLong road trips are always fun, particularly when it’s with a group of your family members or friends. However, putting together a road trip packing list can be quite challenging. You want the list of things to be thorough, yet concise. For that, you need to consider where you will be going, how long you will be on the road, and what you will be doing on the way, all while packing things for keeping smart and safe on the road. Ready to pack your bags and hit the road? Don’t forget to bring these 9 things with you:

1. Emergency Gear

Make sure to stow a set of jumper cables, a spare tire, as well as take note of roadside assistance phone numbers. Enroll in a roadside assistance service if you haven’t already.

2. Navigation Materials

Navigation materials are obvious items to bring on long road trips. Make sure to bring a smartphone with a trip planner, a GPS system, and maps. If your itinerary has particular cities, travel books and city guides would prove to be useful as well.

3. Proper Documentation

Make sure you have your registration, license, and proof of auto insurance.

4. First Aid Supplies and Spare Toiletries

Bring some basics such as a hand sanitizer, an ointment for scrapes and cuts, cortisone for bug bites, bandages, bug repellent, sunscreen, antacids, and ibuprofen. These things will make your life easier in case some unexpected ailment occurs.

5. Food and Snacks

If you don’t like the greasy fast food that usually comes along with stints on the road, then it is recommended that you pack some snacks like crackers, granola bars, pretzels, and fruit beforehand. It would also be a good idea to pack a picnic lunch or sandwiches for your first day on the road. Bringing along a small cooler with some water bottles is a cost-effective way to stay hydrated.

6. Paper Products

You can never have enough paper towels, napkins, or tissue. Road trips, especially the long ones, can be messy affairs. So, it is best to be extra prepared for sneezes, spills, or calls of nature.

7. Comfort Items

Consider bringing along comfort items e.g. sweaters, blankets, etc. in case you are traveling through the mountains or desert at night. If you are travelling during rain season, don’t forget to plan for the rain; bring ponchos or umbrellas in case you get caught in a downpour.

8. Gadgets and Music

You are going to need your phone charger, your music playlist, audio books, reading material, and extra set of batteries for any gadget or gear that might need it.

9. Good Company

The whole point of a long road trip is to have fun with friends and family, so make the most of it and enjoy those hours in the vehicle.

No matter what destination you choose for your long road trip, you are going to have a great time. Just make sure to pack smart according to the nature of your trip. With proper preparation before a long road trip, you can make sure that you not only survive it, but also enjoy it to the fullest!

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