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Are you a Renter and Need Insurance?

If you rent an apartment or a home you would be very wise to buy renters insurance coverage through your independent insurance agent. Your landlord will carry a homeowner’s policy on their apartment building or on the home in case the structure is destroyed by an act of God, fire, or vandalism. The landlord will naturally want to protect their investment interest.

It is not your landlord's responsibility to carry renters insurance for you on the contents of the structure, such as, all of your personal possessions and furnishings. If you do not have an insurance policy covering your personal possessions and the home is destroyed you will lose everything.

Even though many landlord's carry a person liability and property damage to their property, you would be wise to speak with your agent at Carver insurance about having liability coverage in addition to renters insurance.

Many renters may rent an off site storage unit as well to help store many of their possessions they may not have room for on the property. Sometimes renters will store seasonal items in a storage unit in order to give them more room on the property. Some rental insurance policies will cover offsite storage units and some may not, so it is wise to ask your independent agent at Carver Insurance Services, Inc. if your insurance covers these off site possessions as well.

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