Help People Get Out of Debt

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Help People Get Out of Debt

 Many people love to pay down their debt, but not sure of the best way to do it. You need a plan that you have to execute if you want to get out of debt. To do that, the team at ZOE ABBOTT shares these 5 Debt relief strategies and approaches to pay off debt and leave some of your financial burdens. If you’re willing to get out of debt, consider these approaches:

  1. Add All Your Debts

The first step to get out of debt is to know how much you owe. This means you’ll need to create a list of all of your outstanding debts. You can do this in a spreadsheet or on a piece of paper. The important thing here is that you must have all the information because you will need it in the following steps. 

  1. Try to Negotiate With Creditors

 Find out if there are things you can do to lower some of your interest rates now that you can see what you’re up against. If you’ve been a good customer and made your payments, your Credit Card Issuer may be willing to work with you on lowering the rate. If you’re intimidated by the prospect of negotiating with creditors, consider contacting the ZOE ABBOTT. We can point you in the right direction on how to negotiate with creditors. 

  1. Look Into Refinancing Debt

Check if you can refinance some of your debt at a lower interest rate. Refinancing refers to replacing one or multiple loans with a new loan that’s easier to pay. In practice, you’ll take a new and lower-rate loan to pay off your debts. While you’ll owe the same amount, you’ll pay off your loans sooner because you are paying less interest. 

  1. Add Debt Payoff in Your Budget 

You’ll need to revisit the list of all your debts created in the step above now that you’ve done the hard work paying as little interest and part of your debt. If you were able to lower your interest rates successfully, you’ will able to update your balances to make sure your list is accurate. Your budget will let you know how much money you have left to pay against your debt.  

  1. Set a Payoff Goal

You need to set a goal regarding when you plan to pay off your debt. This step is crucial because there’s no accountability without a goal. Everyone’s financial journey is different; therefore, you need to be realistic. The last thing you will do is set a benchmark that deprives you of basic meals and basic necessities.

How We Can Help You Get Out of Debt 

If you are struggling to get out of debt and need debt relief, ZOE ABBOTT can help you. We are an affordable debt relief company helping people get out of debt. We can help you create a debt relief solution that works for you. Contact us today at 727. 253. 4325 for more information about our services.





Help People Get Out of Debt
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