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Will Home Insurance Repair Your Damaged Fence?

Home Insurance Menifee CAHow To Cover Fence Damage You depend on your fence to protect your property and offer you privacy. It can be a serious problem, then, when your fence gets damaged. Will your homeowners insurance cover it? Here is a look.
  • Tree Damage: If you have a healthy tree on your property that falls over and damages your fence, your home insurance will not just pay to replace the fence, but will also likely cover the cost of debris removal. Be advised, though, that if the tree falls because you neglected to care for it, you will not be covered.
  • Neighbor’s Tree Damage: Even if it is your neighbor’s tree that does the damage, you will file your claim with your own homeowner’s insurance.
  • Storm Damage: If the damage is caused by a type of storm that is covered by your homeowners insurance policy (e.g. windstorm, tornado), your coverage will step in for the repairs to your fence and debris removal from your property. For natural disasters your policy does not cover (e.g. earthquake), you may not be covered.
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