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June is National Safety Month. How Can You Keep Your Employees Protected? - Temecula Insurance Agency - Carver for Auto, Home, Life & Health

June is National Safety Month. How Can You Keep Your Employees Protected?

June is National Safety Month: How Can You Keep Your Employees Protected?National Safety Month is as good a time as any to implement the best ways in which you can keep your employees safe.

4.1 million people suffer from a workplace injury each year. All those injured workers lead to approximately 80,000,000 hours of lost work—which costs companies millions of dollars in lost production. Keeping your employees safe and sound is actually going to make your company a lot more money than if you were to just ignore the safety hazards. (Someone should have told that to Mr. Burns!) What better time to think about employee safety than right now? National Safety Month! Educate your employees on proper workplace safety practices to keep them safe and sound and reporting to work every day. Hazard Communication: Hazard signs help people avoid chemicals and other substance-related accidents in the workplace. Having the proper hazard signs to indicate hazardous substances is the best way to alert your employees of the danger. Fall Protection: The U.S. Department of Labor lists falls as one of the leading causes of traumatic occupational death. Think about the safety equipment you have. Do you have signs and labels warning employees? You need harnesses, lifelines, or hoists to ensure employees are protected. Respiratory Protection: Respirators protect individuals from the debris and toxic fumes that can cause some real respiratory damage. Make sure that your workplace has the appropriate respiratory masks to deal with the dangers of your business. Making your workplace a safe zone for employees is the best way to retain your employees and keep those damaging lawsuits at bay. A quality business insurance policy will also protect your business. Be on the safer side of caution and contact Carver Insurance Services, Inc. in Menifee and Murrieta for all of your California business insurance needs.

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