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Keep The Fun Of Your Personal Watercraft Growing With These Simple Safety Preparations!

MotorboatAn afternoon spent on any type of personal watercraft combines all the fun of riding an ATV combined with the added excitement of skimming across the open water. In most cases, a bit of sunburn and lots of exposure to the wind and water are the only ill effects, but certain safety protocols must be followed to ensure that the fun is not spoiled by tragedy. Tips for Properly Equipping Your Personal Watercraft  Staying safe while riding begins with having the proper equipment available. In addition to the required safety gear, here is an additional list of basics that can help you stay safe on the water.
  • Marine Radio - Even something as simple as running out of fuel, or being caught in a storm can become a crisis when you are riding in unfamiliar waters. Having access to a marine radio can allow you to call for help, as well as get the latest weather information.
  • Compass and Maps - Becoming lost while riding a personal watercraft happens all too often, especially when exploring new territory. Make sure that you always have access to an up-to-date chart of the lake or body of water and a compass to help you keep your bearings.
  • Flares and Whistles for Signaling - If the worst happens and you do have to call for help, having a way to attract the attention of the rescuing party allows them to reach you quickly. Store an appropriate flare kit and emergency whistle securely in the storage compartment of the personal watercraft.
  • Proof of Insurance Coverage - Just as you need to be properly insured when operating a motorized vehicle on land, your personal watercraft must also be properly insured to protect you in the event of an accident.
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