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Good Questions to Ask When You’re Looking for a New Auto Insurance Agent

6 Good Questions to Ask When You’re Looking for a New Auto Insurance Agent

Good Questions to Ask When You’re Looking for a New Auto Insurance AgentGetting auto insurance can be a confusing process, particularly for first-timers. When it comes to auto insurance, choosing the right agent is half the battle in making sure that you find the best coverage to suit your needs. That’s why when looking for a new auto insurance agent, it is recommended that you ask certain questions before making a decision. Following are 6 good questions to ask when you’re looking for a new auto insurance agent: 1. What Companies Do You Represent? The answer to this question will help you determine whether the agent is an independent agent or not. You want to find an independent auto insurance agent because agents who represent one insurance company can offer limited solutions. Independent auto insurance agents on the other hand, work for multiple companies and they actively work on behalf of their clients to find them the best coverage. 2. What is Your Experience? Although the experience of an auto insurance agent does not guarantee that they are the best in the business, it surely gives you a better picture of how stable they are. Experienced and well-established agents are generally more committed to continue providing a better service as compared to those who are new to the industry. 3. Do You Have Any Client References? Talking to current or previous clients of the auto insurance agent is extremely valuable as it gives you the opportunity to hear someone else’s experience and ask about their concerns. Keep in mind that not every agent will refer you to a previous or existing client because of privacy reasons. If that’s the case, then it is recommended that you pay attention to the agent’s reaction. The agent’s response will give you a sneak peek at their true personality. If the agent handles the question well but they don’t have a reference, then you should read online reviews about their service. 4. Can You Provide a No Obligation Quote? Ask the car insurance agent to put together an insurance quote that you can review. The response time of the agent will show you how committed they are to helping their clients. Once you have received the quote, ask the agent to review it with you. How the agent is willing to answer your questions will help you determine how committed they are in providing great customer service. 5. Does this policy cover ___? Certain policies exclude certain situations. So, it is recommended that you ask if the policy the agent proposed covers you for certain situations. Although the agent may not be able to guarantee that there will be coverage for certain situations, they can review the exclusions that are relevant to your questions. 6. Why Should I Choose You? Let the agent tell you why they are the best representative for your auto insurance policies. Listen for ways they can help you and keep you protected. By paying attention to their response, you will be able to determine whether they are speaking from the heart or simply trying to push you into a sale. Finding a reliable auto insurance agent can be a challenging task. The above-mentioned questions will make the process easier and help you find an agent that will look out for your best interests.   best auto insurance agent temeculaCarver Insurance Services, Inc. is a local insurance agency that has been serving residents and small businesses in Murrieta, Temecula, and surrounding areas since 2004. Started by Diana Carver; a second generation insurance broker with over 25 years experience, when after working for several insurance brokerages, Diana felt the need for a brokerage that was efficient and progressive, while still keeping that “hometown” feeling. Carver Insurance Services, Inc.’s goal is to help you determine what insurance needs you have, meet those needs, and then help you prepare to meet future goals. The Carver Insurance Services, Inc. Family and its agents would love for you to stop by one of their two convenient locations for a free insurance quote or just to say, “Hello!”     For more information, give Carver Insurance Services, Inc. a call today to talk to a friendly, helpful agent. 951-677-9600 Top Auto Insurance Agent In Temecula Carver Insurance Services, Inc. 33321 Temecula Parkway suite #102, Temecula, 92592 951-676-0540

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