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Make Your Home Smarter & Safer

Smart Homes & Privacy ConcernsSave money on your homeowner’s insurance by protecting your home.

Telematics devices have revolutionized auto insurance, vehicle safety, and peoples’ driving habits, insurers have caught onto the concept of implementing these appliances. Telematics or ‘black boxes’ collect data, such as when you drive, how you drive, and the time you drive and feed it back to the insurance company. This causes your auto insurance policy to fluctuate to cover your driving habits and frequency. In the past four years, home insurance companies have announced deals with companies that provide “smart” products for the home. These devices monitor and control the home’s major appliances so that the home is safer. The technology provides an opportunity for consumers to reduce the chance of harm to their families and homes by detecting events that trigger alerts on their smartphones, wherever they may be! Therefore, the homeowner receives a discount on their premium. There have been uprising concerns about these devices as the companies involved receive an abundance of data on how their customers live, which may be an issue of privacy. However, if properly controlled for privacy and only installed with the policyholder’s permission and total transparency, they can make a home safer and reduce the likelihood of death and destruction. As a homeowner, have you considered installing a telematics device in your home? Whether you’re ready for that upgrade or not, talk to an experienced insurance agent to ensure that your home is financially covered from all kinds of peril! Contact Carver Insurance Services, Inc. for all of your homeowners insurance needs in Menifee, Murrieta, and surrounding areas in California!

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