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How Trampolines Affect Your Homeowners Insurance

Trampolines and Homeowners Insurance Menifee CABefore you purchase a trampoline, it is a good idea to consult with your insurance company.

While trampolines are a huge appeal to children and adults alike, they can alter your homeowners insurance greatly! Insurance is all about risk, and with more risk comes a higher premium, or the avoidance of risk altogether through complete cancellation. Below, we assess the risk of obtaining a trampoline and how your insurance can be affected. How insurers see trampolines:
  • A high number of children are falling from trampolines, often resulting in a broken neck.
  • If the trampoline is on your property, you are responsible for all injuries sustained. Even if your child’s friend came round without your permission, if he or she falls off and sustains a serious injury, it will come down to you.
  • The injuries can range from a twisted ankle to a life-altering injury such as paralysis.
  • Everything from medical bills, compensation, and an increased premium will be left for you to pay.
If you already have homeowners insurance, consult with your insurer upon buying a trampoline. The insurance company may decide to:
  • Cancel your homeowners insurance policy completely
  • Keep the policy as it is
  • Exclude liability and medical payments for any injuries sustained using the trampoline
  • Require you to put up safety netting to reduce the risk of injuries
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