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Make Your Next Trip to the Gas Station a Little More Bearable

Make Your Next Trip to the Gas Station a Little More BearableWith gas prices (generally) on the rise as we deplete our oil supplies, any discounts you acquire will certainly put a smile on your face.

Summer is right around the corner, and that means people will spend more time outside. That also means they'll likely drive to their favorite beaches and parks. Some cities, to avoid a spike in CO2 levels, raise gas prices to deter people from driving as much and make them consider walking or biking to nearby areas. Supply and demand influence these prices as well: more people demand gas, the prices go higher to make it a competitive market.

What can you do to reduce your (liquid) gas bill?

We at Carver Insurance Services, Inc. are promoting our gas card program that is sure to save you money, and also put a smile on your beautiful face. With every additional policy that you open, you will receive a free $25 gas card! That’s not all, however! (What? Yeah! We know!) If you refer a friend to Carver Insurance Services, Inc., you’ll receive another $25 gas card! That’s $50 off your gas bill.

Does it end after just one friend? No! You’ll receive a new $25 gas card for every new policy that is written with your recommendation. They don’t even have to be your friend, if we’re being honest. It can be your workmate, classmate, or that random Facebook friend you’ve never met in real life.

To save on gas during the summer spike, it’s important to explore all of your options. Be on the safer side of while you use that discounted gas and contact Carver Insurance Services, Inc. in Menifee and Murrieta for all of your California auto insurance needs.

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