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Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

As the holidays roll around, you may want to decorate your house in the spirit of the holidays! Before you do, make sure you follow these safety tips. 

Now that Thanksgiving is over and done with, many people will take this time to decorate their halls with boughs of holly and spread the holiday cheer. Pine trees, ornaments, and lights are among the most popular and we bet you will likely be using at least one of these to decorate your home. Here are some holiday decorating safety tips to help you keep your family safe during the holidays. Holiday Decorating Safety Tips Holiday Tree If you plan on setting up a tree in your home, a fake tree may be the way to go if you are focusing on safety because most fake trees are flame retardant. If you absolutely have to get a real tree, make sure that you water it well. Dry pines are extremely flammable, and it would only take a spark and a few seconds to engulf your tree–and home–in flames. Holiday Ornaments Holiday ornaments are beautiful to look at. But ones that are made of glass can be dangerous to small children or pets. Opt for plastic ornaments or pinecone ornaments. The shards from shattered ornaments are piercingly sharp and can cause a deep cut. Holiday Lights Hang your lights away from all flammable objects. That way, if a short circuit makes your lights spark, they won't land on anything flammable. Make sure to turn the lights off when you go to bed to ensure no shorts cause a dangerous spark while you are sleeping. We hope you enjoy the holiday season by staying safe! Contact the insurance professionals at Carver Insurance Services, Inc. for all of your home insurance needs in Murrieta, surrounding areas, and California!

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